Kušević Manor


Kuzmica 71, Kuzmica

On the road between Pleternica and Požega, there is a village Kuzmica. Next to the baroque church that dominates this village is an old building that we call Kušević Manor. It belonged to the former Blacko manorial estate, whose owners were the Ohmučević-Grgurić family, originally from Dubrovnik. After that, it was bought by a notary of Požega County, Ljudevit von Hranilović in 1767. This manorial estate stayed in his family until the middle of the 19th century when it was bought by Svetozar von Kušević, and in 1945 it was assumed by the state.

The manor, which is today called only by the surname of the last owner, still exudes the beauty of the old times, even though it is in the need of a full renovation. It is not known when it was built, but it is assumed that it happened either at the beginning or in the middle of the 18th century. It got its final shape with the features of rural historicism during the period under its last noble owner. There used to be a park in front of the manor towards the road but it was cleared in the 1970s and a sports playground was built in its place.

Kušević Manor is about to be fully renovated and after that, it will surely attract many looks and travelers.

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