Craft gin

Juniper berry is its key part. A powerful ingredient that makes gin so tasty and a star of every good party, romantic date, or get-together with girlfriends. And when juniper grows in Slavonian forests and when it is a perfect match with black mulberry, elderberry, vine, and healthy, natural spring water from Papuk, we get craft gin Castrum.

Lovers of this drink will also taste some classic spices, such as anise, coriander, hibiscus, mint, cinnamon, black pepper, and cardamom, but also a special note it got by aging in wooden barrels made from Slavonian oak.

Elegant, soft, full of life…Just perfect. In combination with tonic, it is refreshing, and it will give a unique taste to your favorite cocktails… Worldly with a Slavonian touch.

There are no big brands behind this nice craft story. The gin is produced in a small boutique distillery in Kaptol, a town at the foot of Papuk. A stylized label reminds us of castrum – Kaptol Old Town, with a gold-bronze ornament from the horse rains of a Hallstatt warrior found on a nearby archeological site on it. Inspiration for exploring this beautiful region.

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