Do you like Kulen, sausages, bacon, and cracklings? However, you will surely agree that the platter is not complete without cheese, especially the one from Slavonian family farms. Fresh, smoked, with pumpkin seeds, chives, walnuts, red paprika… Cheeses are an inevitable snack at all events but they also perfectly accompany every wine story, especially the ones of Golden Slavonia. It is a great challenge and pleasure to pair them with a wide range of different kinds of Graševina.

On the other hand, milder fresh cheeses will provide a good balance to spicy Slavonian delicacies and give a special note to tasty deserts, such as seductive puffs with cheese and marmalade while the lovers of stronger tastes will surely go for the goat cheese version.

Local production, pure intact nature, recipes that have been part of a family tradition for years, excellent texture, and exceptional taste – cheese is another product due to which Slavonia deserves the title of a gourmet oasis and it is an excellent gastronomical souvenir you will happily take home with you from your journey. Its exceptional taste and rich aroma simply tempt you to take another bite…

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