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Two kinds of meat, smoked bacon, onion, and paprika in a pig’s caul on the spit, socializing by the open fire and with a glass of top-quality wine – a priceless gourmet experience! We are talking about a Požega vineyard ćevap (kebab) which has been perfected by hard-working and humble inhabitants of Požega through centuries. An unusual combination of a roasting spit and oriental influences on meat preparation has become a traditional dish of Požega winemakers and winegrowers and it is used to mark and celebrate all the wine festivities, from Vincelov to Martinje. Today it is a top specialty and part of the menu of Okusi Zlatne Slavonije (Tastes of Golden Slavonia), a label that only a dozen restaurants in Požega-Slavonia County have.

Here you will also be offered specialties with freshwater fish, such as grilled trout, catfish stew, and excellent fiš paprikash, or just – fiš. There is no Slavonian who is not proud of their fiš, and it is offered by most of the restaurants in Požega-Slavonia County, just like sarma (stuffed cabbage rolls), which maybe is not an original, but it is a favorite dish in this part of Croatia.

Nothing smells better than cooked sarma, its lovers will tell you. Sarma used to be prepared only from dried smoked pork in Slavonian villages, except at the time of pig slaughter (kolinje) when fresh meat was abundant. Fast sarma from crushed pumpkin seeds was traditionally prepared on Good Friday, and it can still be tried today in Požega-Slavonia County, especially if you are vegetarian.

If you visit this part of Croatia, make sure you taste a big Baron Trenk veal or pork steak, filled with Slavonian ham, boiled eggs, ajvar, and sauteed on red onion with a mushroom sauce…Simply to die for! It got its name after a warrior, lover, and intellectual who lived in Požega area in the 18th century and who is linked to the most beautiful legends.

You cannot leave Požega-Slavonia County without trying excellent Kulen, Kulenova Seka, sausages, švargl, and tasty cheeses…and there is no good food without top-quality wine. We recommend graševina from Kutjevo. This small town is a famous Croatian vineyard with renowned winemakers. Cheers!

Okusi Zlatne Slavonije restaurants (Tastes of Golden Slavonia)

Pronađite restoran s oznakom Okusi Zlatne Slavonije i uživajte. Život je ponekad savršen.

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