Hallstatt Kaptol, a renowned archeological site

Tombs under the tumuli for the distinguished dead, flat cemeteries, elevated fortified settlements and oppida, larger fortified settlements from the period between the 9th and 1st century before Christ… They are all impressive archeological testimonies about life in the Iron Ages. A picturesque municipium Kaptol on the slopes of Papuk takes a special place in this attractive story.

Just like the communities of the Early Iron Age in the territory from east France to the Danube, Kaptol also belongs to Hallstatt culture. It was governed by a warrior aristocracy in which horsemen had a special status.

Greek helmets, the oldest sword, and the richest grave of the Iron Age in Croatia, which is at the same time the only double princely grave from that period in Europe, different weapons, rich sets for serving food and drinks…, all that was found in the territory of Kaptol which dedicated a fun June event called Hallstatt Days to this rich part of the history.

A circular, educational pathway “The Ways of the Warriors – Early Iron Age in Golden Valley” which connects history, archeology, and tourism passes through this place. It is full of beautiful landscapes – vineyards and forests, so it is also a good choice for lovers of an active vacation. A part of it is “The Pathways of the Iron Age of Podunavlje”, one of the cultural routes of the Council of Europe which pass by Croatia.

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