Janković complex

Who were the Jankovićs?

They built churches and manors, stimulated farming and craftsmanship, were involved in charity work… The Earls of Janković put this region forever in their dept and they created the views of Pakrac and Lipik that are recognizable even today.

The small Janković castle, today the Museum of the City of Pakrac; Janković Manor, today an elementary music school; farm buildings, one of them being the City Hall today – all these places are the centers of the cultural and political life of the city, and the most beautiful backdrop for events and concerts.

In neighboring Lipik, Count Izidor Janković invested in bath facilities and a park. In 1820 he built a bathhouse with baths, he was the first one to start with the breeding of Lipizzaner horses on the Izidorovac estate, so he is considered to be the founder of the State Stud Farm in Lipik.

His sister, Countess Jelka, used to love staying in this city and relaxing in its park. The hill she used to take a walk on, and a bench she used to sit on, as well as the path leading to them, have carried her name until today.

Even though they spent only a hundred years in this area, from the second half of the 18th to the second half of the 19th century, the Janković family left us an extremely rich cultural heritage and intriguing legends we will be happy to tell you when you come to visit us.

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