Okusi Zlatne Slavonije restaurants (Tastes of Golden Slavonia)

A gourmet journey to remember awaits you under the slogan "Experience tastes" in catering establishments under the brand Tastes of Golden Slavonia. Innovative menus and impressive wine lists have been inspired by a Slavonian way of life, and traditional grandma’s cuisine and old, forgotten recipes are aligned with the trends of the 21st century.

Everything is in perfect harmony, one thing complements the other, tempting and tasty, so Slavonian and worldly at the same time, especially when each course is paired with Graševina and wines from local wineries, including the ones with prestigious international awards.

Spicy Kulen, Kulenova seka, sausages, barley, black radish, thick pumpkin oil, juicy fruit, some foodstuffs that have arrived in Slavonia recently, such as sweetish and healthy sweet potato… The creative enological and gastronomical story of Golden Slavonia is made of autochthonous, fresh, seasonal foodstuffs from local family farms.

And at the end of the meal, chilled šljivovica, viljamovka, quince brandy or vinjak at room temperature will be an excellent choice for a digestif.

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