Jelka’s bench

Jelka’s bench is a particularity of Lipik and the park.

Jelka’s bench is a historical stone bench placed in the courtyard of Lipik Spa next to the Marble baths. It was built a long time ago as a resting place in the shade of the pines for Jelka, a young countess.

It is considered that there were more such benches, and Jelka’s bench is the last specimen. It is on “Jelka’s path” as an info point. The bench was the young countess’ favorite resting place after long walks through the park and bathing in the covered warm baths.

A historical story about a lost ring is connected to the bench. The legend of the precious ring says that the young countess dropped the ring near the bench and that it was never found again. Most probably it is still somewhere under the ground around the bench. Just like the bench, it sinks more and more under the tales of history.

Only two to three people can sit on the bench, and it is the smallest rest bench in Lipik.

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