The story of the Pannonian Sea: Terra Panonica and the House of the Pannonian Sea

You can swim with whales and sharks in the deep blue of the former Pannonian Sea only in Pleternica. The feeling is wonderful, especially if you dive with friends and share this unforgettable moment with them. And at the Terra Panonica Interpretation Center, everything is possible. The boundaries between reality and fantasy are being moved, time takes on a whole new dimension, and you travel millions of years into the past when Psunj, Papuk and Krndija mountains were islands, and all that thanks to virtual reality and VR glasses.

Numerous fossils of what used to be living organisms, mostly marine animals, bear witness to the long past of the "Slavonic archipelago", which also in the town of Velika, at the very entrance to the Papuk Nature Park, has an impressive display in the House of the Pannonian Sea.

The youngest visitors of this attractive educational and visitors center will enjoy playing with wet sand on an interactive floor, and they will have to find their way through a labyrinth in the yard by answering quiz questions where they will also find sculptures of ancient Slavonians, such as a shark or a rhino. A real sensation for the entire family.

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