Bećarac Square

For centuries bećarac, a traditional song, has been echoing down wheat fields and wide streets of golden Slavonia. Raucous bachelors, and sometimes even a girl would sing famous rhymed couplets, and since recently, those boys and girls have had an idyllic meeting place.

Trg bećarca (Bećarac Square) is in Pleternica, a small Slavonian town on the banks of the river Orljava. Its planes are painted in different colors and they symbolically imitate Slavonian fields. The square extends from the east, where it starts with the river Orljava, to the west where the planes gradually rise and thereby create a space of some sort of an amphitheater that observes the Square and the river Orljava. Below that raised part of the Square, there will be a Museum of bećarac and info center “The world of graševina”, where bećarac blended with wine, will be studied and celebrated. That specific design of the Square makes a unique place in the world where modern architecture blends with traditional non-materialistic cultural heritage and local geographic characteristics.

The Square was designed by the Rusan office, and it was made based on a cross-border project of the City of Pleternica with Tomislavgrad municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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