A big, sweet story

It is impossible to resist. Neither trends nor competition can touch it. It is just perfect. The taste of pure happiness. That is Mikado chocolate with rice. A tasty impossible combination. At least that is what it looked like in 1964 when they started producing the first such chocolate in the world in the Zvečevo factory in Požega. Many tried to find out the secret of this perfect harmony from Zvečevo for more than half a century, but no one has succeeded until this day.

There is something special about Mikado. It reminds the nostalgists of their childhood and pleasant moments, relaxes the gourmets, enthuses and intrigues the connoisseurs, makes children happy, and leaves absolutely no one indifferent.

Mikado is a Japanese earthly and heavenly ruler, the food of men and gods. The factory legend says that after tasting the first version of the chocolate with rice, the commercial director Vuković exclaimed to the master of chocolate, Tonković, “This is chocolate for gods”.

Today you will find Mikado chocolate bars in a few different flavors, the premium quality ones being produced exclusively from fresh milk. At the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s, the brands that we still like today came from the sweetest factory in Požega: Seka I Braco milk chocolate bars; Samo ti! and Volim te!, which was, by the way, the first chocolate bar in the world with three fillings in the same bar, and Mikado cranberry a bit later, the first one that combined those two flavors.

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