Graševina through the eyes of a sommelier

Graševina, often referred to as Welshriesling in some parts of Europe, is deeply rooted in continental Croatia. It is considered its original home, and many wine experts, including renowned wine author Jancis Robinson, emphasize Graševina as a key variety and choose the Croatian name as primary, considering all other names as synonyms.

It is important to note that Graševina in Croatian has no relation to Riesling, as is the case in some other countries. Specifically, in Italy, it is known as Riesling Italico, in Slovenia as Laški Rizling, in Hungary as Olaszrizling, in Austria as Welschriesling, and in the Czech Republic and Slovakia as Rizling Vlašsky. In Croatia, the name Graševina was given by Bogoslav Šulek, a Croatian linguist and revivalist.

Graševina stands out for its diversity, and the Požega-Slavonia County is home to several wine regions, including Kutjevo Vineyard, Požega-Pleternica Vineyard, and Pakrac Vineyard. This region has become one of the most attractive wine destinations in Croatia, where Graševina produces premium wines, including sparkling and predicates.

Graševina is an extremely versatile wine variety. "From fine light and drinkable varietal sparkling wines, excellent for an aperitif, to reliable aged wines, full-bodied and with good acidity that will perfectly complement dishes made from black pig, and sweet moments with excellent predicates, Graševina is an extremely versatile variety and wine for all dishes," as noted by renowned Croatian sommelier Darko Lugarić.

Sommelier Mario Meštrović adds, "International evaluations and conferences on the Graševina variety have convinced me that this variety gives the best results precisely in Vallis Aurea, our Slavonian valley. The quality has grown into high international, and the styles of wine that Graševina gives are sparkling wines, both aperitif and sparkling wines that can even accompany compatible appetizers, then young, fresh, fruity-floral Graševina, followed by full-bodied, flavorful, intense Graševina wines with lasting flavors. Macerated Graševina wines excellently accompany roasts of black Slavonian pig and all fatty pork roasts. The category of sweetness is not lacking, predicate wines in all five categories that excellently accompany mature, salty cheeses of intense aromas and lasting flavors, as well as a variety of desserts and sweets. Our Graševina has become a significant and important wine thanks to winemakers who continuously improve their knowledge, experience, and technology."

"Each Graševina, depending on the position from which it comes and the cellar's stylistics, offers a different shade, but they all retain a unique recognizable varietal aroma. These are exceptional wines, harmonious, full, delicious, a real pleasure to drink, and the positions they come from, from Vetovo, Hrnjevac, Venje, Mitrovac, to Mačovo Brdo and Vinkomir, can freely be called Slavonian grand cru positions," emphasizes sommelier Jelena Šimić Valentić.

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