Omanovac and Slavonian banovac in Pakrac

A spectacular view of Slavonia and Pakrac spreads from Omanovac, a 655-meter-high Psunj peak. You can have a barbecue, play football, try your hand at 3D archery, pause for refreshment, spend the night in a mountain lodge, and enjoy the beautiful nature of the highest Slavonian mountain at the hikers, mountaineers, and paragliders’ favorite destination.

The picnic area is less than a ten-minute drive from Pakrac, a colorful town that had one of the most valued European coins in the Middle Ages. The Slavonian banovac was minted in the 13th century in the first mint in Croatia and used as the means of payment in many European countries at the time. On one side of this stable Slavonian currency was a running marten and on the other a cross with two crowned heads.

For years, a medieval fair named after this silver coin has been held in the central square of Pakrac. Learn all about the famous Slavonian coin in the Museum of the City of Pakrac, located in one part of the historical Janković Complex from the 18th century. After that,  you can mint it yourself as a souvenir and a memory of a wonderful journey through Golden Slavonia.

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