Lipik Park and Stud Farm

Earls and European nobility used to relax in its gazebos and green boulevards. The centuries-old park - a protected monument of park architecture - creates a recognizable view of the city and it has become people’s favorite place for walking, resting, and relaxation.

Its greenery hides attractive historical landmarks, such as the Marble and Stone Baths of the Lipik Spa, the source of the thermal healing water of Antun's Spring, the bench and hill where, according to legend, Countess Jelka Janković used to rest, the remains of the once magnificent Kursalon and Wandelbahn, fountains, garden decorations...

Following the tradition of the aristocrats of the time, take a leisurely ride through the unique park in a carriage, accompanied by a four-stroke gait of elegant Lipizzaner horses from the Lipik State Stud Farm, which you must visit on your trip to Slavonia. It is one of the biggest attractions in this part of Europe with about seventy beautiful horses. The tradition of growing Lipizzaner horses in this small town was started by Count Izidor pl. Janković long time ago, in 1843, while the Lipik State Stud Farm status was obtained way back in 1938.

If you wish to learn how to ride, you are at the right place.

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