Wine roads

Planted with vines, surrounded and blended with nature, vineyards rise and fall in numerous hilly and spacious areas. Their location, exposure to the sun, microclimatic conditions, and the soil affect the quality of the fruit.
The most famous wine of this territory is graševina which shows its best characteristics right here, with the help of the hard-working Slavonian hands.

Hospitable and fun people with big hearts, always ready to accommodate a guest and provide them with fun and joy. These hard-working hands respect the tradition and culture of this area and protect the heritage and moments from the past which come to life with each event.

Kutjevo Vineyards

Kutjevo vineyard takes the fringe area of Požega Valley, and it is in the zone of podzols, on the soils created on the parent substrate of acidic decrepit rocks. This vineyard has around 800ha of vineyards under its production.

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Požega-Pleternica vineyard

Požega, Pleternica, Brestovac, and Jakšić are part of the Požega-Pleternica vineyard. Vineyards planted on the slopes of Golden Valley, or Vallis Aurea, as ancient Romans used to call it, are 400 m above sea level, and they are planted densely with around 7.500 vines/ha on 390 ha of vineyards.

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Pakrac vineyard

Pakrac and Lipik are part of Pakrac Vineyard.

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