Following the paths of Lipizzaner horses and martens


Trg kralja Tomislava 3, Lipik

+385 34 421 600

This tourist trail connects 3 lakes and excursion sites: Pjeskara, Raminac, and Pakurnovac, 2 cities: Lipik and Pakrac, and excursion site Omanovac and local farms. It is all connected by cycle and hiking paths in one big 100-kilometer-long circle. From Lipik, you can walk along the embankment of the river Pakra to the lake, State Lipizzaner Horse Farm, and through Pakrac up to Omanovac, and then downhill on a hiking path across Točak water spring and Diamant trotting club. On each lake, playgrounds for kids, gazebos, and barbecue spots were created. On your way, you will come by blue signs on the main crossroads that give you directions. The path can be divided into the urban part around the cities you do not move away from a lot, and the rural part where you use hiking trails, pass through the forest landscape and visit natural beauties.

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