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Požega-Slavonia County is in the east of Croatia, and it consists of two geographically separated territories: Požeška kotlina and Pakrac-Lipik region.

The heart of an active vacation there is Papuk, the only Croatian geopark, and one of the most famous geoparks in this part of Europe. Marked by unique attractions and landmarks, intact nature, excellent gastronomy led by kulen sausage, and fish specialties, such as fiš paprikash, renowned wines, and authentic hospitality, Požega-Slavonia County is perfect for exploration.


The county is connected with Zagreb with the A3 highway, i.e. European road E70. Požega is 173 km from Zagreb, and 100 km from Osijek. The nearest airports are Osijek Airport (114 km) and “Franjo Tuđman” Airport in Zagreb (168 km). It is also connected with these two cities by railway.

The nearest airports

Zagreb: 168 km
Osijek: 114 km

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