Nature park Papuk

From the depths of the old Pannonian Sea, the peaks of Papuk rise to almost a thousand meters above sea level. This geologically most diverse territory in Croatia is the first geopark in Croatia. Its layers reveal the past that was entirely changing the face of the area – from the Pannonian Sea to the splendor of centuries-old beech trees. You cannot leave Papuk Nature Park without visiting the Jankovac park-forest.

Even before Papuk was declared a Nature Park, Jankovac was a protected natural reserve – a park forest. Papuk Nature Park offers the pleasure of discovering the mountain and waterfall in Slavonia. The only thing you need to come is a desire since the area is tame and it will host you even without any special equipment and skills. Slavonia is always first and foremost a good host in its surprises.

With seven educational pathways, fifteen cycling pathways, two visitor centers, a camping site, an adrenaline park, and a Jankovac excursion site, it represents an inevitable continental destination for all generations.

House of the Pannonian Sea

The House of the Pannonian Sea represents a visitor and educational center in Velika, and it tells one of the most interesting geological stories of Papuk – the one about the long-gone Pannonian Sea.

Duboka Adrenaline Park

Adventurers of all generations who want to spend an active vacation filled with adrenaline and fun can test their skills on two well-equipped polygons in Duboka Adrenaline Park!

Zvečevo geo-educational point

During the implementation of the international project Danube Geo Tour, Papuk Nature Park built a Geological and interpretational point which is located at the entry to Novo Zvečevo with a goal to scenically show in one place the geological diversity of the western part of Mount Papuk.

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