What is Bike&Bed?
Bike&Bed is a system of accommodation facilities specialized in hosting cyclists (cycle tourists). Services from this group are tailored to the needs of cyclists in accommodation. In addition, such a system is connected to all other services provided for cyclists in the Požega-Slavonia County (trails, cycling guides, provision of specialized services such as bike rental, service, and transport, information about events, and more). Facilities in the Bike&Bed system are regularly promoted through various promotional channels in the tourism-economic sector of Požega-Slavonia County (Požega-Slavonia County Tourist Board, Požega-Slavonia County, local tourist boards, accommodation facilities, and others).

Who can apply?
Any accommodation service provider interested in inclusion in the Bike&Bed system can express interest if they believe they can meet the required criteria: apartments, boutique hotels, agritourisms (with accommodation offerings)... 
After the initial application and contact with the Bike&Bed advisor, inclusion in the system is possible after meeting all the required conditions.

What is the price?
The review and inclusion of the property in the Bike&Bed system are free. On your part, a minimal investment in space for bicycles, basic tools, and equipment is required to provide conditions in your facility that are required in the Bike&Bed system. You will learn about the extent of the investment from our advisors during their visit to your facility. However, besides investing in equipment and the facility, it is necessary to invest in your knowledge and competencies. Your cyclist guests will expect comprehensive information and answers to questions that may interest them, and such knowledge of the property owner or contact person will enhance the impression of the property as a true Bike&Bed accommodation. This type of competency requires little time and effort, with minimal financial investment. The certificate itself lasts for two years, after which a review is required.

Categories of facilities
The facilities are categorized as follows:
Bike&Bed - smaller private facilities such as apartments or agritourisms (with accommodation possibilities). This is also the largest group that facilitates one of the fundamental ideas of the Bike&Bed system: guests traveling from day to day, with overnight stays in a different place each night - in a different facility.
Boutique Bike hotels - small so-called family hotels. They offer an excellent combination of personalized guest approach and higher quality of service, making them an excellent choice for guests of different profiles. Many of their guests return for years after their first stay, confirming the good ratio of service and price.
Bike hotels - hotels with larger accommodation capacities and a whole range of services provided to their guests.

Bike&Bed advisors
After applying for inclusion in the Bike&Bed system, our advisors will contact you and then visit you, inspect your facility, and give you advice on how to best and most efficiently adapt to the criteria of the Bike&Bed system and utilize your potential. They will conduct an initial review, as well as periodic and control visits, to maintain and improve the quality of the facility itself. Regarding the Bike&Bed system, you will mostly communicate with one advisor responsible for your area, who will be familiar with your facility, specific business conditions, and your needs.

What is gained by inclusion?
Upon entering the Bike&Bed system of Požega-Slavonia County, you will receive a certificate and an official board for the facade of the facility, as proof of inclusion in the system. Your accommodation facility will be promoted for free through numerous official materials - via the official website, in outdoor brochures, other printed promotional materials, online promotion, promotion in collaboration with events, and more.

Golden Slavonia Bike&Bed - leaflet with information

Criteria for introducing Bike&Bed standards of Požega-Slavonia County

Application form for the Bike&Bed system of Požega-Slavonia County

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