House of the Pannonian Sea

The House of the Pannonian Sea represents a visitor and educational center in Velika, and it tells one of the most interesting geological stories of Papuk – the one about the long-gone Pannonian Sea.

The visit to the House of the Pannonian Sea starts with an introductory presentation about the life on our Planet, fossils – how they were kept, and what they tell us about the old landscape, with a special reference to the living world of the Pannonian Sea. The presentation ends in a game in the sand on the shore of the Pannonian Sea, on the interactive floor of the hall. In the exhibition and educational hall, you will find a combination of interactive screens and real exhibited fossils found on Papuk (petrified shells, snails, corals, dolphin vertebra, shark teeth, fossil leaves, rhino jaw…)

Within the souvenir shop, there is also an educational and fun part where you can check your knowledge in a geo-quiz, do puzzles with sea creatures on a big interactive table, and send a selfie with the Pannonian Sea background.

The outside area is more adapted to rest, but also some kind of knowledge check through a labyrinth with yes / no questions. It includes interesting sculptures and explanations on educational boards.

Besides the green labyrinth, you can also see sculptures of rhinos and a symbolic representation of the real size of the Carcharodon megalodon shark, a spiral of time, a weather map…

Also, after the educational part, children can enjoy themselves on a children’s playground and rest point with tables and benches.

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