Antun’s spring

Antun’s spring will tell the history of water in Lipik the best. For centuries there was a spring of healing water where today’s park is, and covered baths and swimming pools were built on the natural source. However, to completely use the properties of the water it was necessary to reach the underground source. The 19th century brought with it a professional and serious approach to using Lipik thermal waters and the first bore was built. The first artesian well, 235 deep, was drilled manually in 1870, and the water temperature was 64 °C. This was one of the first bores of thermal mineral water in this part of Europe. Above the source, a small pavilion with four faucets was built with healing thermal water that has strong balneological characteristics regarding the quantity of fluoride, and content of dominant ions: sodium, hydrogen-carbonate, and chloride which constitute a balneological characteristic of water. Besides being used as a bath, Lipik water was also used for drinking due to its healing properties. The source served as a rest spot, but also as a musical pavilion.

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