Terra Panonica

To travel 24 million years in the past? Why not? Put on the VR glasses and dive into the old Pannonian Sea! Meet the whale, the biggest Slavonian of that time, and its friend the shark. They swam together around the shores of Papuk, Psunj, and Krndija.

If you also like company, simply share virtual reality with a friend, because two people can wear the glasses at the same time. You can see each other and communicate with movements, in some other dimension, isolated in time…An experience to remember!

The fastest way to learn is through multimedia education, presentation, and play. Terra Panonica is exactly that kind of place. It used to be a building of the old cinema in Pleternica, and today is a modern Interpretational center.

Watch a short movie with rich 2D animations and go to a permanent exhibition about the rich plant and animal world of Požega-Slavonia County. After that, have a walk down two educational paths with interpretational boards, or take a tourist train around this Slavonian town famous for the Shrine of Our Lady of Tears, bećarac (music type), and the Road of Roses and Wines.

Working hours
Tuesday - Friday
08:00 - 16:00
Saturday - Sunday
16:00 - 20:00

A tour of the center and a ride on the tourist train!
Advance notice required!

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