Jelka’s hill

The park in Lipik has changed many owners. Between 1760 and 1861 the park, spa, and parts of today’s Lipik were owned by the noble family Janković. They started with a planned decoration of the park, promenades, and alleys. For the guests, but also the children, they created a park with pavilions, ponds, benches, and podiums for musical performances. A gazebo on an elevated hill at the height of trees and flight of birds was specially made for their daughter Jelka, which is today called “Jelkin brijeg” (Jelka’s hill).

This experience of nature is interesting to new generations even today, with a view of the whole park. Jelkin brijeg is located in the southern part of the park. It is a bit remote, and it can be reached by walking down linden alley. Right next to it there were also a podium for musical performances and a romantic pond with a small bridge. By building a hotel with a parking lot, and nearby swimming pools in the 80s the natural ambiance around the hill was disturbed, but it became much more visited.

Look at numerous old photographs and postcards of Jelkin brijeg which has been through many changes, from the initial wooden canopy covered in branches on a dirt hill and a gazebo with canvas for sun protection, until today’s stone wall with a wrought iron fence, wooden construction, and a tin roof. The last renovation was in 2011, and in 2014 it was introduced as a point with an information table on “Jelka’s path”. Jelkin brijeg has always been a place for afternoon gatherings, and in the evening hours, it turns into a favorite meeting point for adventure-seeking lovers.

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